The property market in Indonesia started gaining momentum in late 1980s with a surge of projects and customers lining for affordable housing with upscale facilities. Duta Pertiwi have only started building residences in 1988, however, soon after, the young company boosted the industry with projects like apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, even townships, and industrial estates with a high level of creativity and innovation that was unheard before.

The vision gave birth to the iconic Bumi Serpong Damai. Started in 1989 and is now known as Indonesia's most successful city and township project. From a derelict land, BSD is now listed as a property company with the highest market valuation in Indonesia Stock Exchange. Some principle that applies to the development of ITC (International Trade Center) Mangga Dua, a formula to benefit from strata title sales opportunities for retail business space, also in 1989. From one spot in a busy Jakarta trade district, the ITC idea has flourished to practically every corner of major cities Indonesia.

Duta Pertiwi continued with another success property recipe of combining condominium, retail spaces, and offices into a mixed use superblock. Duta Pertiwi and BSD later developed under the tutelage of Sinar Mas Land, which now nurture over 40 mega projects throughout Indonesia. The sheer ambition to pioneer, build, and advance, has given Sinar Mas Land the advantage and momentum to be the front runner in the industry. Its ability to sustain creativity and innovation is a real indication that Sinar Mas Land will ensure and achieve its vision for the future.

  • 3rd Place at the 16th Philips Lighting Contest from Philips International

    Category: Public Street-Lights for Residential Estates, Shopping Centers and Public Thoroughfares.

  • Parama Niwastana Award from REI (Indonesian Association of Real Estate Developers)

    Above 200 Hectares Category
    Best in Area Development Planning Concept.

  • Laras Award - implemented by Laras Magazine

    Cattleya B Type, for the residential category measuring 127 to 400 sqm.

  • The most interesting place for investment (II)

    Opinion poll carried out by Properti Indonesia Magazine.

  • Nebula Award

    Award granted for homepage design from Netscape, USA for the category "Cool Site".

  • Asia Pacific Course of the Year

    Prized by HERTZ International Golf Travel Award 2000.

  • Adhika Niwastana Award 2001 from REI

    Above 200 Hectares Category
    With assessment towards : Regulations, Enviroment, Facilities & Infrastructure which meet the needs of occupants living in the developed area, Efficency, Innovation, Project Management, and Aesthetics.

  • ISO 9001 : 2000 Certificate No. Q54259

    "Planning and Development of Residential Estates and Commercial Buildings".

  • Properti Indonesia Award 2004

    For the New City Project Initiator Category

    BSD is an urban development project with the first planned urban components, built by a private company with the largest land up to now. It never stops developing and is today a lively town and is entitled to be named "new city".

  • Regent of Tangerang

    World Environment Day Award in Tangerang.

    Movement: "Green Cities: Plan for The Planet!".

  • Ministry of Environment

    Award from the Ministry of Environment for the 'Care for Trees Movement' together with BSD Family Service (BK BSD).

    The Golden Project from IPW (Indonesia Property Watch)

    'The Golden Project' Award to PT BSD in opening up the development of a new city. BSD City was chosen on the base of various aspects, including consistency, segmentation composition, the staging of development, facilities, and the quality of occupancy.

    Pasar Modern BSD City

    "Modern Traditional Market" from Danamon Care Foundation, awarded as a modern traditional market.

  • Pasar Modern BSD City (Market Place)

    Acknowledged as a traditional market with modern management from Yayasan Danamon Peduli, entitled "Pasar Tradisional yang Modern"

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