Community Development Tbk PT BSD as a manifestation of Corporate Social Responsibility

Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk. is a property company that builds independent cities. In the development of a city, a good group of people is required as well as the physical infrastructure. In order for a township to be sustainable, there are 3 (three) important things that need to be nurtured, namely the establishment of economic centers, social and cultural development of society, and a sound environment. These three things should be integrated starting from the idea stage, all the way to planning, development, dissemination, and management.

PT BSD is committed to implement corporate social responsibility through the implementation of a community development programs, scope of activities includes:

  • Strengthen and streamline the quality of life in society, both in the economic, social, cultural, and environmental realms.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, both to the environment, inside and outside the company.

Examples of PT BSD's Community Development programs, which have been implemented already in BSD City, with the aim to develop and sustain communities in the citizenship:


For a city / settlement to flourish, it requires a good and sustainable economy that impact all levels of society. Economic development must not only in large-scale but also micro, small, and medium enterprises should be able to thrive well. PT BSD in this regard have carried out several things:

  • To dedicate 25% of Land Economy BSD City, 6000 hectares of BSD City is to be developed, 25% of it (approximately 1,500 ha) is dedicated to economic centers such as the CBD (Central Business District), Environmentally Friendly Industrial Zone Techno Park, Shopping Center, and others.
  • Prioritze the Informal Sector, the Informal sector cannot be separated from the daily life of a township. This sector can help build the economy, especially in the lower layers, because of a city needs to balance its development.
  • Employment in BSD City, Through its projects, PT BSD always prioritize local people as workers first, such as Ocean Park, ITC BSD, BSD Junction, security personnels, and others.
  • Flohmak Bazaar (Flea Market), The needs of a community is very diverse, so does the need for goods. People sometimes need items that are not always new but still worth taking.
  • Ornamental Plants Market, To cater the green hobby needs, BSD City built ornamental plant market located in Garden City 2.
  • PT BSD Employee Co-Op, BSD PT Employee Co-Op was established in March 11, 1991. Consisting solely of PT BSD employees, it now has around more than 1,400 members.
  • Other Infrastructure to Support Economic City, To support the township's economy, PT BSD have also developed other infrastructures, such as 4 parcels of land, including safe bridge crossing, including commercial and pedestrians spread across the BSD City region, public cemetery and 1 hectare more for development.

Social Affairs and Culture

Social affairs and culture is indispensable in the development in a city. A paradigm without BSD City which BSD City believes and which is the reason why Community Development and Empowerment Programs were created to stimulate community growth and in turn sustains development of the city. Examples of activities that have been implemented by BSD City:

  • Infrastructure Development in the Village Environment and School Aid, PT BSD built roads that provides easy access. It also involved the construction of bridges, mosques, and schools.
  • Encourage the Availability of Health Facilities, Health facilities in BSD City is very complete. Ranging from health centers, 24-hour clinics, Women's and Children's Hospital, even an International Hospital. Currently there are 27 clinics and hospitals located throughout BSD City.
  • Worshipping Facilities, within BSD City's vicinity, there are 15 mosques and two churches spread throughout the territory. All construction of religious facilities are supported by PT BSD.
  • Provision of Sports and Recreation, Communities most definitely require facilities to work out and keep healthy as well as recreational facilities to relieve fatigue and boredom. Good health promotes sustainable activity. It is with that idea in mind that PT BSD develops a wide range of sports and recreational facilities for its residents.
  • Cooperation with Authorities and Society in Security, PT BSD built a police station to maintain the security of its entire area. PT BSD also invites residents to keep their environment safe by working together in forming local neighborhood watches.
  • Establishment of RT and RW, The establishment of the RT & RW system, supported by PT BSD, is aimed to safeguard a sound community vibe. There are now around 33 RW and 200 RT.
  • Relief Efforts, In addition to empowering the community, PT BSD also gives charity or donation to those in need, especially people outside of BSD City. Aids are provided in the form of scholarships, medical expenses, and others.
  • Development of Education to Improve Human Resource Improvement in City Development, A township development requires good human resources. PT BSD has a program that is offered to general or vocational school students to sit on the Job Training (PKL) in PT BSD. The program is very successful.

Environmental Field

In building a city, the environmental aspect is very important, because a good environment ensures all activities in the city run smoothly and healthy. 

  • Construction of City Park 1 & 2, Garden City 1 in BSD City downtown opened in 2004 with an area of 2.5 hectares has 60 plants with an estimated 2,500 trees. 
  • Construction of Nursery, PT BSD built nursery plants to meet the needs of the entire BSD City, with 4 greenhouses inside a 1 hectare area of land. The nursery itself produces up to 300,000 polybag/month.
  • Compost Installation, Organic garbage from all regions of BSD City are collected and processed to be used as compost.
  • Watershed development, Watershed area is needed in a city to enable steady water absorption by the soil, so that water remains available and prevents the city from flooding.
  • Pond Development, PT BSD buid ponds as a water parking area to negate flooding and let the ground absorb it. BSD City has 10 ponds with a total area of 26 hectares.
  • Integrated Development and Normalization River Drainage, 4 river runs through the BSD City area (Cisadane, Jaletreng, Ciater, Angke). The flow of the river is improved by straightening, widening and deepening the river bed.
  • Cooperate in Environmental Management, PT BSD always invite people to come together in environmental management, especially within the neighborhood level.
  • Thousands of Tree Planting, PT BSD, have until now, planted thousands of trees in the region of BSD City. This is done to balance environmental development with physical constructions.
  • Gerakan Cinta Pohon, This activity aims to foster a love towards the environment, specifically to children of primary school age.
  • BSD City Green Festival, An annual program held every July to campaign about good living environment. The Green Festival always raises environmental awareness and issues such as planting trees, cleanliness, the threat of flooding, as well as the availability of fresh air, among others.
  • Souvenir Seeds Plant Seed, To every guest who comes to BSD City, we provide a unique souvenir in the form of a collection of seeds that we collect from all of the plant variants we grow in the BSD City.


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