De Park

Green Sanctuary concept aims to stimulate all five senses to give you that feeling of enlightenment that will ultimately improve the zen of your life. At the park an 800-meters that brightens the Flower Belt main boulevard will always welcome you everyday.

de Park is a residence which spans 66 Ha on phase II BSD City. It's location is strategic and close to The Next BSD at Riverside, which will make it the "menteng" of BSD City. The ambience not only classy but also green and calm, amidst Taman Tropis covering 38 Ha open space.

Aside from being close to CBS, de Park is surrounded by BSD Green Office Park, Damai Indah Golf, Edu Town, access from the main street towards Kebon Jeruk highway and recreational places like Ocean Park. This strategic locations ensures the value on the investment as the property will keep rising.

The concept is "Aristocratic Estate" (colonial), designed by Denny Gondo, famous architect of the "studio Air Putih" and cluster Heliconia. This colonial building concept will provide a concept house that looks and timeless shapes and sticky would exclusivity. Exclusivity also be felt in his home unit where every home will be complemented by the private swimming pool.

The colonial building concept provides a look which is timeless ang ageless. It also exudes a sense of exclusivity, such living will come with it's own private swimming pool.

de Park Facility : Botanic Walk Adventure, Botanic Terrace, Grand Botanic Café, Flying Wood Pedestrian, Rabbit Park, de park Club Villa, Botanic Root Park, Adventure Playground, Mini Farm & Deer Park.

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