Creating One of The First Townships in Indonesia

BSD City was one of the first planned cities in Indonesia. Inaugurated as far back as 1984, it was intended as a self-sufficient city, where all living facilities are provided within the boundaries of the city. 

Ever since its inauguration, BSD City has equipped itself with a variety of living spaces, including numerous real estates and apartments.

Constant Development

The city has also grown itself to become an icon of constant development. BSD City has added no less than five new real estates over the past couple of years, which occupies strategic locations all across BSD City. 

The residential areas are near the facilities needed, including modern markets, malls, schools, hospitals, and even large parks where events are constantly held. With an area enough to be developed over the next 25 years, it will surely grow to become not just a self-sufficient city, but also a self-sustaining city. 

Sustainable Green Development

Our waste and materials management encourages the management of waste as resource, not a cost. The public parks also provide a calm space to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life, while playing an important role to conserve the environment and protecting the well-being of the city dwellers.

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