Building an Education Township

The emphasis on education in particular has seen BSD City establish itself in this sector with more than 60 formal and informal education institutions. This includes Sinar Mas World Academy, Al-Azhar, Deutsche Internationale Schule, Froggy Edutography to the Prasetiya Mulya and Swiss German University.

For long-term benefits we aim to establish an integrated education districts, Edutown, to attract both academics and research projects, turning BSD City into a township of educational excellence

World Class Education

BSD City hosts many schools and universities that uphold the highest standards of education. Many prominent schools have established themselves here, such as the first international university in Indonesia, Swiss German University (SGU).

The school's new campus is located at the friendly Edutown complex of BSD and offers first rate faciltiies, compassionate support services and close relationships between its students and lecturers. 


Perfect Study Environment

BSD City offers the perfect study environment with its establishment of Edutown. The 40 hectares of space were especially designated as an education as well as a place for scientific research.

The space was developed with an integrated concept where universities are combined with dormitories, communal parks and commercial centers. Students can experience a green and modern campus environment that encourages creativity and innovation.



Supporting Facilities

Students will also enjoy a variety of other facilities, such as campus-wide wireless Internet connection, youth centers, and a development center specifically to create entrepreneurs.

The complex will also host a modern business library spanning 1300 m square as well as amphitheaters and laboratory-style classrooms.

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